Full service tree care providers

Champion Design and Landscaping is one of the leading full service tree care providers in all of South Florida. We provide professional Tree Care for your residential or commercial property. Our highly trained staff can provide assistance in mapping out the perfect placement of trees or make your trees thrive all year round. By investing in our staff we can assure you that we will confidently handle any and all tree projects.

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Licensed & Insured

We move trees of all sizes

Professional Tree Management

Champion Design and Landscaping has invested in the latest technology and machines to meet a variety of needs and challenging situations. Tall trees or small ones, deep or wide roots or hazardous confined removals, our experts are well-equipped to get the work done quickly and efficiently. We handle tree management without any damage to your property.


When landscape architects and general contractors identify a significant tree transplant that requires special skills and experience, we are often contracted to resolve the problem.


Skilled tree excavation services from Champion Design and Landscaping ensure a precise and clean job. Tree excavation requires knowledge, experience and the right kind of tree removal equipment.