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Meet the

Outdoor fun. Low impact exercise.

Easy on your Joints

Ride using smooth, steady steps. No pounding the pavement. No pumping unsteady pedals.

Fat-Burning Design

Patented design features hydraulic pistons. Engage your largest muscles. Install the pistons and burn more calories.

Toning & Shaping

Work the calves, quads, gluts, and more. A nearly effortless way to improve shape and tone.

Heart-Healthy Workout

Enjoy your cardio exercise outdoors. Get a full-body workout—especially your heart!

Injured Patients

The hydraulic pistons fit patients to modify their exercise by engaging one leg over the other.

Discover the

Promotes Health and Family Unity

We believe in the power of exercise to transform the lives of individuals and the health of families. Our mission is to make exercise fun and accessible to the whole family in ways that encourage fitness and family unity.

Easy Riding = More Fun

You remain standing as you step. Compared to riding a bike, maintain a straighter posture. Handlebars adjust to your height and preference.

Stability & Visibility

3-wheel design provides a 3-point stance. This enhances your stability when riding and stepping on or off. And you’ll enjoy the view!

Body-Friendly Design

Patented design engages major muscle groups—with less impact on joints and soft tissue!

Folds for Storage

The Cricket is easy to fold for transport or storage. It can be stored vertically or horizontally on the floor or shelf.

Intended for Outdoor Use

The Cricket is clearly differentiated from the competition because it is intended for outdoor use. There are no other “stair stepper tricycle” devices that can be used outdoors.

High Quality Fit & Finish

The frame is finished with resilient powder coat paint. A wireless water-resistant mounted display tracks your time, speed, distance, calories and more.