Learn how to make

Predictable & Consistent Profits

  • Bank savings account: Less than 1% a year
  • Bank CD: Around 1% a year
  • United States 10 year bonds: Around 2.3 % a year
  • Buying and renting real state: Around 5% a year
  • Buying US stocks: Historical average 7% a year plus dividends depending on the stock portfolio.

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Grow Your Wealth

There are several ways to generate a regular income, either for living or as a way of supplementing your regular income from your profession. Thes e are average annual returns of each one:

What is Options Classroom’s Objective?

We all have monthly expenses, some are fixed such as a home mortgage, car loans, student loans, health insurance, and others are somewhat variable but recurrent expenses like food, cloth and gasoline.

Our Philosophy

Options trading can be slow, boring but it is also effective and profitable. The moment it gets exciting, you are in trouble. Therefore, if you are looking for action and to get rich overnight by transforming a small amount into millions by making 5% (or more) monthly returns we wish you the best, and please either go to the next web site or even better to Las Vegas.

Our Goals

The goal of Options Classroom is to propose a way of investing in the options financial market and to make an average annual return on 15% on the capital committed. You can (and we encourage you to) keep investing in real estate, stocks and any other business, but the addition of financial options to your portfolio should increase the total average annual returns to about 10-12%, depending on your total investment mix.

Who can do it?

Anyone who with a regular desktop or laptop computer, a normal internet connection, and at least $ 20,000 dollars to invest can do it. Most importantly the energy and willingness to learn, make some mistakes and convert trading into a mechanical habit as a way of becoming financially independent.

When you can do it

When trading options, you don’t have to be in front of the computer all day looking at charts and watching financial news. That’s for the traders you see in the movies. You will generally place your trades once a week, watch the trades evolution once a day from your computer or cell phone and make very few adjustments when necessary.

It should not take you more than 30 minutes a day, and most people with full time jobs can even do it at lunch time.