Physical Therapy and Training Center

South Florida Rehab and Training Center

At South Florida Rehab and Training Center (also known as SFR) is located in Miami, FL. The team of highly trained physical therapists and trainers are committed to providing you with the most experienced and skilled physical therapy available. Through personalized care and a hands-on treatment, the team at SFR focuses on rehabilitation, strengthening and conditioning, and preventive care.

Gabriel Carvajal Director of Operations - Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Physical Therapist

Pedro Lopez Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Physical Therapy Assistant

Mario Valdes Director of Athletic Training

Maria Gaitan Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Physical Therapist

Services We Offer

Strength and Conditioning Training

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Low Pain Back

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Neck Pain

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Shoulder Pain

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Knee Pain

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Foot & Ankle

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Physical Therapy

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Throwing Athlete

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Sports Injuries

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If you are scheduling an initial evaluation, please call our office directly in order to ensure that we have sufficient time to dedicate to your evaluation.


what our clients say

  • review rating 5  I have a lot a fun hitting here and I personally think it teaches me how to become a better hitter and overall a better ballplayer. I come here as often as I can to improve my skills and hit better in my games.

    thumb Big Chungus
  • review rating 5  It’s only been a couple months coming here, but my swing has improved 150%. There clear positive results in my games.

    thumb John-Barry Bertematti
  • review rating 5  Gradum Baseball has been the best investment that we have made into our son’s batting! Our 11 year old son has seen significant improvements in his swing, approach, and overall power ever since we joined about 6 months ago (hit 4 HR in 2 week period). His confidence at the plate has gone through the roof! The Gradum G-Swing approach is unique and once you learn how to apply it properly it is truly a game changer! Every member of the Gradum staff is kind and understands how to teach at various ages and skill level. The coaches treat our son very well and he loves coming to practice to tell them about his success during games. We are very happy that we decided to sign him up!

    thumb Alexander Cruz
  • review rating 5  I’ve started here in Gradum baseball 2 weeks ago and already I’ve been improving in not only power but results. They do a great job helping players like myself feel comfortable with our swing. The coach here is great and I would most definitely recommend Gradum to my teammates and other players.

    thumb Jason Altuve
  • review rating 5  My daughter finally understands her swing! How to make it better, how to fix it when it’s off...and how her whole body is hitting that ball! The technology, positive coaching, clear instruction is delivered on their level of understanding. Love it. Totally worth it.

    thumb Jessica Blanco
  • review rating 5  Excellent staff that is very knowledgeable that really helps you get the most out of your swing. They breakdown the concept of your swing with video and drills to excel a strong and smooth swing. The consistency and positive outcomes you receive from these coaches is hands down some of the best you will ever receive. I highly recommend the Gradum baseball staff to anyone that is willing to improve in their game.

    thumb Rudy Fernandez
  • review rating 5  Great staff. Learn something new every time I come here.

    thumb Eric Santamaria
  • review rating 5  The guys at Gradum are like hitting doctors...first they diagnosed the mechanical flaws in my swing, then they prescribed different drills to correct those issues. Since I've been going there I've had much better at-bats with more solid contact. I feel like I have better body positioning at foot-down and am able to get on plane more consistently. What I notice most there is that they work great with kids of all ages...from elementary school kids just learning how to swing, to high school and even college athletes who are working on hitting off-speed and breaking pitches. Carlos and Nathan are highly-skilled professionals who know hitting inside and out. I highly recommend them if you are serious about improving your hitting.

    thumb Thomas Beltran