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South Florida Rehab and Training Center

At South Florida Rehab and Training Center (also known as SFR) is located in Miami, FL. The team of highly trained physical therapists and trainers are committed to providing you with the most experienced and skilled physical therapy available. Through personalized care and a hands-on treatment, the team at SFR focuses on rehabilitation, strengthening and conditioning, and preventive care.

Gabriel Carvajal Director of Operations - Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Physical Therapist

Maria Gaitan Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Physical Therapist

Pedro Lopez Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Physical Therapy Assistant

Services We Offer

Throwing Athlete

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Sports Injuries

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Physical Therapy

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Low Back Pain

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Knee Pain

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Foot & Ankle

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what our clients say

Bryan B

I Recommend SFR to everyone I know that has an injury. Gabe and his staff are hands down amazing. They use the latest technology and are very knowledgeable. If you want to get back to normal as soon as possible this the place to go to.

John Hense

I have worked with multiple different rehab centers over the years for tears and pulls. South Florida Rehab is hands down the best team I have EVER worked with. They know how to get you back to your favorite sports safely and fast!!

Julian Ramirez

After a specialist told me I needed surgery on my shoulders due to cartilage tears, I came here to see if I could improve without it. After 4 weeks of work on my right shoulder, I can’t believe how much it’s improved. Starting on my left shoulder this week and can’t wait to make a comeback!

Itzaris Weyman

Maria has been my PT for several years and for several issues. She is FANTASTIC! Professional, empathetic and very good at her job.

Marilyn Rams

SFR – very professional and knowledgeable staff.! Patients are their primary concern and they are very attentive to the individual ‘s needs.

Denise Minakowski

I absolutely love Gabe and his team! I have been going here for years whenever I have any issues and they always fix me.

Sandy Huff

Very professional – Suggested excellent exercise routine -speed recovery.

Rachel Skubel

After searching for an athlete-focused physiotherapy business for months, it was amazing to finally get treatment that works. From the first visit, Gaitan set me off on the right track to get back into activity from a persistent and tricky knee issue. Highly recommend!

Natalie Merino

Hi, I walked into this place approximately 5-6 weeks ago with a torn ligament and swollen Right knee. Maria, my therapist, has been absolutely fabulous and knowledgeable in helping me reduce swelling, and improving movement to my knee. Great physical therapy place and strongly recommend! Big thanks! 🙂

Maria de los A Perez

The best place I’ve gone and recommend my tennis friends to go. The staff is very professional, at the same time, Make you feel like family. Never fails, they train me very well so that I don’t get injured as often as i could because of my daily activities. And repeat, they all are AMAZING !!!people

Bryan Baez

SFR def has to be the best rehab center in Miami. They use the latest treatments and technology to get you back to what you were doing prior to injury/surgery in the quickest time possible. The therapists are very knowledgeable and push you every day. I recommend SFR to everyone I know.

Julieth D

The team at South Florida rehab has revived my knees and hips. As a long-distance runner, I’m always in some sort of pain and they are the only ones who have been able to alleviate the injuries. They are quite a talented group of therapists. Highly recommend them!

Laura V

BEST THERAPY AND TRAINING CENTER IN TOWN! I felt like a member of the family immediately and was back to working out in such a short period! I recommend all the therapist from Gabe to Maria, Pedro, Mario, or Javi. They all worked on me and I saw results almost immediately.

Michele Mesnik

Mario, Pedro, Maria, and Javi are outstanding physical therapists and provide excellent service. They really care about your well being and are very effective at providing you the tools to get better soon. I could not have been happier.

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