Empowering Humanity
Through Selfles Acts
MAS Foundation is a incredible cause started by a Beautiful HEART.
READ NICOLE'S STORY -Nicole E. Mas, MD “I want to help with hugs & band-aids.”

M.A.S. Foundation

“Medicina, Amor, y Servicio. Medicine, Love, and Service are what encompass the Nicole E. Mas Foundation. Our mission is to make a positive impact on the less fortunate through compassion, respect and humility. We will provide medical assistance, feed the hungry, clothe the poor, and help educate young minds.”


Medicina, Amor y Servicio

Our Purpose: We are a charitable foundation that provides fundraising activities, funding, scholarships and/or financial assistance to less fortunate children and families.

Nicole always thought BIG and talked about the foundation she would create in the future. She named her foundation the M.A.S. ( Medicina, Amor y Servicio) Foundation and described the basic outline of what her non-profit was to be. In her absence, her family will do their best to follow her lead, by honoring and continuing her legacy of love.

Our Mission

In her memory, the M.A.S. Foundation lives on with her goals and ideals in mind. All donations and support the M.A.S. Foundation receives will go directly to helping orphan children get off the streets by providing and creating work-study programs, and empowering them for the future. We will provide medical aide, service and equipment to people that currently have nothing to aid their afflictions or handicap. We will feed and shelter our less fortunate. (We will post our sponsored programs and events on the Event and Gallery Pages).

The Next step

Ready to get involved in a big way? Please consider donating anything you can to a great cause and a selfless act of love.


News & Events

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