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Construction, Industrial and Harbor Equipment

Our service

Our business is specialized in the export of vehicles, parts and accessories. We provide in a wide assortment of transport vehicles, construction vehicles, machines and accessories. Moreover we have our own drivers to load, unload or transport your vehicle safely.

We have excellent knowledge about the process of international sales and purchasing through our experience with import and export. We like to guide you and we are quickly able to arrange relevant documentation to transport your vehicle on land or sea thereafter.

We have our own workplace and mechanics. Because of this we can provide you of technical- and inspection reports. We also carry out valuations and repairs.

In order to get a reduction or even exemption of the import duty you need a Eur.1 certificate. This certificate is used in the trade between the European Union and a lot of other countries. Although the document is not compulsory, it can provide a financial advantage.

In order to transport your vehicle you need a ti/transit document to transport it, if the vehicle has not yet entered the free trade in the EU. The storing of a vehicle has to be carried out at a company with a customs warehouse license to pass your vehicle through from there.

We are excellently informed about the international laws!

Worldwide Trade

of Lifting Equipment

  • Fortresss Worldwide Solutions LLC,is specialized in the worldwide trade of Lifting Equipment for construction, industrial and harbor application. We buy, sell and rent out these machines all over the world.
  • Fortresss Worldwide Solutions mainly deals with lifting equipment brands as Sennebogen, Liebherr and Fuchs. Machines can be delivered ‘turn-key’. The complete disassembly, transport and assembly can be carried out by our professional and well-trained team. We also offer advice, maintenance,
  • Together we are a strong team that can provide you which the machine you are looking for. we understand that a good refurbished, fair priced, used machine can be a good alternative for a new one. Especially in these cases were there is not a full time job for a machine.

We are here to help you

Whether you are looking for a stock crane, attachments or parts, or a fully customized Material Handler, FORTRESS WORLDWIDE SOLUTIONS is your supplier.


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Our Mission

It is our responsibility to meet the expectations of our customers in place and on time with our dynamic teamwork. Our field of duty is not only for the city or the domestic market, but also for foreign countries on the coast. We have extensive experience and knowledge in this sector and we are delighted to spread these experiences to our customers in our area of ​​responsibility.

Our Vision

Our vision is to integrate the responsibilities accepted with innovative and modern strategies into new market strategies, to assist in increasing brand value and to promote the commercial principle and company profiles that represent us at the highest level by providing new opportunities in its creation.”The machine we sell is still seen as our machine”.Our slogan shows how we look at every machine bought by our customers.

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